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Why New Tech Stands Apart

New Technology High School in Napa, California is the founding school of the New Tech Network system of schools and a demonstration site. There are 160 schools across the country and internationally that are modeled after our program. Classes at New Tech require both traditional and electronic research skills, with projects culminating in presentations scored by panels of parents, staff and community members. Students, staff and parents use the network continually as a tool for learning, collaboration and communication. Parents are given their own Echo account and are able to access their student’s work, assignments, agendas and grades. All projects and student work are tied to our student learning outcomes and assessed using detailed rubrics. Our staff is currently piloting the use of CRAs (College Readiness Assessment) in their project development. We have been through three WASC self studies and each time received either a six-year clear or a six-year with a three-year review. Staff and students work hard to maintain the culture of trust, respect and responsibility that is one of the most special things about New Tech.

Project-Based Learning

The backbone of New Tech High’s unique learning environment is project-based learning (PBL). Instead of handing out daily assignments, teachers assign periodic projects that require critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication.