Directed Studies provides a structured place for students to get individual support for all classes.
Directed Studies also provides a space and time for students to work on other New Tech graduation requirements that are not linked directly to other New Tech classes (ie. Portfolio, School and Community Service hours). Course restrictions apply—not available to all NTHS students.

Erin Reilly
Erin Reilly has been the Resource Specialist at New Tech since 2009. As the school's Special Education teacher, she works closely with students, staff and families to make sure students' needs and learning accommodations are being met in the classroom. Outside of work, Erin's passions include her daughter and attending and performing at salsa dance workshops and conferences.

The class is recommended for students who were enrolled in either Read 180 or an ELL class in middle school. It offers students extended reading comprehension and writing support to help them succeed in all of their PBL content classes.

SuzAnne Wilson Regalia
SuzAnne Wilson Regalia is the English teacher in 12th grade Political Studies.  She began teaching at NTHS in 2011, and thrives on the innovation and imagination of our students and staff.  She holds a BFA in Performing Arts from Emerson College, an MFA in Theatre Arts from Sarah Lawrence College, and studied teaching at Sacramento State (Community College Faculty Certification) and Sonoma State (California Teaching Credential).

Students will analyze the factors contributing to environmental stability as well as instability with a focus on human impact on the environment. Content will include basic chemistry, biology, economics, and health.

PREREQUISITE: 2 passed semesters of BIOLOGY

Christie Wolf
Christie Wolf teaches Biofitness. She has a B.S. in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology and a Master's in Education from UC Santa Cruz. Mrs. Wolf is particularly passionate about health, working with and for the environment, and the arts.

Advanced Algebra with Financial Applications is a college-preparatory course that will use sophisticated mathematics to give you the tools to become a financially responsible young adult. The course employs advanced algebra, probability, and statistics to solve financial problems that occur in everyday life. Inquiry based problem units involving investing, credit, banking, auto insurance, mortgages, employment, income taxes, budgeting and planning for retirement are solved by applying the relevant mathematics. Field projects, computer spreadsheets, and graphing calculators are key components of the course. Students will apply the common core mathematical practice standards when solving problems and completing performance tasks.

Shawn Carlton
Shawn earned his BS from UC Davis and his pilot's certificate from Natomas. He spent two years underwater, has been hang gliding, and has done a fire walk. He loves teaching and that is why he has landed at New Tech High.

Students have the opportunity to explore interactive media. This includes the principles of game design
and development, 3D rendering in Maya, Augmented Reality, as well as the creation of mobile and web apps. The course covers story creation, design prototyping, design refining, basic animation, visual scripting, visual and musical asset creation, and more. Working with industry leaders, students explore what specific skills are currently needed in today’s interactive media marketplace.


Lisa Gottfried
Lisa Gottfried is a Digital and Interactive Media Teacher at New Tech High. She brings 17 years of business experience to the classroom and loves using the latest Digital Media tools to help connect, communicate and inspire. She's not afraid to say "I don't know, let's find out together!" She loves videography, photography and hiking and has a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do.

All New Tech High graduates complete a 60-hour industry-based internship.  Students gain real world skills in a career cluster of their interest.

Ali Poseley
Ali Poseley is the College and Career Success teacher.  She joins New Tech High in 2016-2017 coming from the private industry in San Francisco.  Mrs. Poseley is a graduate of New Tech High!

This course fulfills the second year PE requirement for graduation. Students develop and complete
their own physical activity plan. Health journals and timesheets are submitted throughout the semester
to show completion of requirements.

Shawn Carlton
Shawn earned his BS from UC Davis and his pilot's certificate from Natomas. He spent two years underwater, has been hang gliding, and has done a fire walk. He loves teaching and that is why he has landed at New Tech High.

Introduction to computer programming is a first course in the design and implementation of computer programs to solve real world problems. No prior computer programming experience is required. Students will design, write, and test solutions to problems using the Java programming language.

Ardeshir Amiri
Ardeshir Amiri is a computer science teacher.  He joins New Tech High in 2016-2017 coming from teaching in the greater Los Angeles area.

Students learn by doing. A strong New Tech culture requires many hands to be successful. This class gives students the opportunity to develop and use leadership skills to complete projects and programs on campus as well as in the community.

Tom Serene
Tom Serene teaches World Studies and coaches the school's Mock Trial team. He has a BA in Economics from Penn State University and earned his teaching credential from San Francisco State. When not at school, he can often be heard singing with various Bay Area ensembles.

This thematically-organized course is for college bound students and is intended to acquaint students with recurrent themes found in literature and the cinema. Students explore ideas through the study of a variety of genres from the silent film era to the present. The literature used will reflect the themes found in the films studied and the course includes varied and frequent writing assignments which will give students an understanding of the works studied and reinforce the use of the writing process.

Nancy Hale
Ms. Hale has taught at New Tech for 10 years. She holds the record for having the most team teachers, but is delighted to be teaching American Studies with Mr. Baldauf once again. Ms. Hale has a BA in English from Northwestern University, a masters in Film from San Francisco State, and a teaching credential from Sonoma State. When not in Napa, Ms. Hale can be found traveling throughout the world.