Trust (1)“Trust • Respect • Responsibility”

  • We believe that all people, regardless of social or economic condition, must be provided the capacity to take charge of their lives. Through new models of teaching and learning, they will be enabled and empowered to make critical decisions for their futures.
  • We believe that we must treat others in our school and community with respect, tolerance, a kind heart, and genuine concern for their well-being.
  • We believe our flexible business/education environment teaches and encourages student responsibility, independence, and resilience while building life skills in collaboration, project management and leadership.
  • We believe that we must continue to develop and preserve the Community of Trust that defines the NTHS learning environment.
  • We believe in sharing our knowledge and experience with other educators and institutions in order to foster and enhance educational reform.
  • We believe that technology provides the opportunity to make significant positive changes in today’s education process.
  • We believe that the model created at NTHS is the future of High School education and must be nurtured in order to continue implementation of its innovative, creative approach to education reform.