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Thank You For A Great Year

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New Tech High Families,

Thank you for an amazing school year.  This year really has flown by!  We were honored to celebrate our 20th Anniversary with you.  Throughout the year, we were able to honor the past, live the present, and get ready to change the future.  Without your help and support, we would not have been able to do it!

Thank you to all of the families that donated resources, time, and energy for your student’s success this year.  As well, thank you to all of the families that participated in Family Giving.  Although we did not reach the goal of $1,000/family, we were able to support some amazing opportunities thanks to your support:

  • YOU sent every New Tech High student to TWO college visits.
  • YOU supported over 50 students in getting SAT or College Going support.
  • YOU supported new maker space and final project materials.
  • YOU helped sent a group of teachers to get project-based learning training in Orlando.
  • YOU helped make sure every student at NTHS has access to a device.

With that being said, we hope every New Tech High student, parent, or guardian join us at Memorial Stadium on June 7th at 7:00 pm to celebrate our graduating class of 2017.  Thank you again for being a part of our family and letting us be a small part of yours.  Until next year!


Principal Johnson

Awards Ceremony & Portfolio Showcase!

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Please join us on Tuesday, June 6th for our annual Awards Ceremony and first Portfolio Showcase.  The Awards Ceremony will begin at 9 am (families of award recipients were notified) and the Portfolio Showcase beginning immediately after (roughly 10:45 am).  Students will share their learning journeys that they have captured throughout the year in their portfolios.  See you June 6th!

School Business Day Update

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We are excited to announce some changes to our School Business Day format.  This day is when you traditionally get the paperwork necessary for students to start school.  Please note that School Business Day will take place on Tuesday, August 8th this year.  We will have to time options: 9 am to 11 am or 5 pm to 7 pm.

In late July or early August, we will send you an e-mail with and post on our website all of the paperwork necessary for School Business Day.  Each form will have a different method of filling out:

  • Digital Submission Forms
  • PDF Forms to Print Out and Bring Signed
  • Forms That Must Be Signed Hard Copy in Person

Our goal is that you will leave School Business Day with all of your students paperwork COMPLETED and TURNED IN.  If all paperwork is submitted, you and your student will receive their schedule on August 8th.  Thank you with your support of this new format and we believe it will streamline the process for both you as a family and us as a school.

Calendar for 2017-2018

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Please find the calendar for 2017-2018 linked below.  To note, you will see that our first student day is a minimum day on August 14th.  As well, after gathering stakeholder input, we have switched our Monday and Friday schedules.  That means periods 1, 3, 5, & 7 will meet on Monday and periods 1-7 will meet on Friday.  This helps us align to the Napa Valley College schedule and open up about 40 new options of courses for our students to take!

Find the 2017-2018 Schedule Here

New Staff Additions of 2017-2018

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Please see the following hires or role adjustments for 2017-2018:

New Roles:

  • Anne Vallerga – Academic Specialist/College Advisor – Ms. Vallerga will be moving back to the academic specialist role, while keeping her college advisor role for Juniors and Seniors.
  • Kendra Parsons – Math Facilitator – Ms. Parsons will be teaching Math 1 and our new La Promesa class, a future educator pathway worth 3 units from Sonoma State University.
  • Dorothea McFarland – Physics Facilitator – Ms. McFarland will be teaching Physics and Financial Algebra.
  • Kinnereth Winegarner – Spanish Facilitator – Profe Winegarner will be coming back from maternity leave to teach Spanish 2.
  • Anne Seveska – SEL Advisor – Ms. Seveska will be moving to a 0.2 role for additional SEL supports for students.

New Hires:

  • Karin Hatton – English Facilitator – Ms. Hatton comes to us from a TOSA position at Napa High where she supported the growth of PBL practices.  She will be teaching English 9 and Leadership.
  • Lily Rex Comess – Drama Facilitator – Ms. Comess comes to us from University of San Francisco and Sonoma State. She has a background in English and Improv Theatre. She will be teaching Drama 1.
  • Chris Bach – English Facilitator – Mr. Bach comes to us from Monterrey, CA. He has a background in tech integration, PBL, and integrating disciplines. He will be teaching English 10 and our ELD course.
  • Estevan Perez – Math Facilitator – Mr. Perez comes to us from Sonoma State. He is a Vallejo native and first generation college student. He will be teaching Math 2 and ISPE.
  • Kent McCarley – Computer Science Facilitator – Mr. McCarley comes to us from Roseville, CA. He has a background in software engineering, project management, and analytics. He will be teaching the Computer Science pathway.
  • Sabrina Assourian – Choices Facilitator & Internship – Ms. Assourian comes to us from Turlock, CA. She has over a decade of experience managing and supporting an internship program. She will be teaching the Choices and Internship & Professionalism courses, as well as, managing Internship.
  • Aaron Eisberg – Center For Excellence Coordinator – Mr. Eisberg comes to use from running LeadIn Napa at the district office. He brings over a decade of PBL experience and coaching, as well as, is a national faculty member for the Buck Institute of Education. He will be managing the Center for Excellence, as well as, supporting staff development efforts on campus.
  • School Psychologist – Next year we will have a 0.2 on-site school psychologist. The person is yet to be determined.

We know we have quite a bit of change for 2017-2018, but the potential for the future of student learning at New Tech High is amazing!

New Progress Reports Are Here!

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Attention Parents/Guardians,

As we enter the last six weeks of school, we are excited to announce that we are using a new progress report.  We now have the ability to create progress reports directly from Echo.  These progress reports give a more timely snapshot of students academic progress.  As well, it focuses on how your students growth in skills (oral communication, agency, written communication, etc.) impacts their academic success. On these reports you can see:

  1. Students letter grade and percentage in each class.
  2. Students overall SWLO percentages.
  3. Students SWLO percentages for each class.

Echo Example

Students were given their progress reports today and were asked to bring them home to you to be signed and returned by Tuesday, April 25th.  Remember, parents have access to follow their students progress in Echo.  If you do not know or have an Echo account, please submit a request via this link and your account info will be sent to you.  Because Echo is a 24/7 learning management system, we encourage all parents/guardians to get an account or have your student log-in to show you because academic progress is always live.  The new progress report doesn’t not have places for comments.  If your student is in danger of failing, teachers will be contacting you.  If you have a question or concern about your students grade in a specific class, please reach out to that teacher directly to discuss next steps.

Thank you for all you do and see you at La Strada on April 29th!

Principal Johnson