Napa Valley College at New Tech

Napa Valley College and New Technology High School have a long withstanding relationship of helping support students achieve the 12 college unit (transferring Seniors must complete 6 units) requirement for graduation.  New Tech students have access to both classes at the college campus, as well as, the courses that are offered on our campus every semester.

It is recommended that New Tech High students do not consider taking a college course until at least the Spring semester of their Sophomore year.  The following courses are recommended as good entry points to college life:  DART 120 & 125, COUN 100 & 110, HUMA 100 & 101.  It is recommended that New Tech High students follow progression of completion of college courses (generally 4 are required to complete the 12 units):

  • Prior to Junior Year: 1 college course
  • Prior to Senior Year: 3 college courses
  • Complete college course requirement prior to Spring of Senior Year

Below you will find more information about the enrollment process for high school students at Napa Valley College:

Courses Offered Spring 2017:

Registration for the Spring of 2017 begins on January 3rd.  Students will want to get their Permit to Attend signed by Mr. Johnson or Ms. Miller prior to leaving for Winter Break.  The following courses will be offered on New Tech High’s campus in the Spring of 2017:

  • CFS140 The Child, Family & Community: Wednesdays 3:30 – 5:20; 3 units; 2/6/17 to 5/27/17; Section #70131; D. Chiabotti. (This class is a hybrid class and meets on these days only, 2/8, 2/15, 3/1, 3/15, 3/29, 4/5, 4/26, 5/10 and 5/24.)
  • DART125 Animation: Tuesday/Thursdays 3:00 – 5:15; 3 units; Section #70207; P. Stalker. Starts 1/24/17.
  • HUMA101 American Mind 2: Wednesdays 3:15 – 6:35, 3 units; 2/8/17 to 5/27/17; Section #70225; M. Wood.
  • PHIL125 Introduction to Ethics: Tuesdays 3:15 – 6:35, 3 units; 2/7/17 to 5/27/17; Section 70290; S. Gocke.

Enrollment Process

New Tech High students must follow the enrollment process for Napa Valley College students.  Please follow the steps below to learn more:

Classes Not At Napa Valley College

New Technology High School students may take college courses at higher education institutions other than Napa Valley College.  Courses must be UC/CSU transferrable to be considered to meet the graduation requirement.  Please see Mrs. Martinez if you have any questions about classes at a different higher education institution.

To access the current course schedule for Napa Valley College, please click on the image below: