Creating a Four Year Plan

Planning for life after high school begins the second you step foot on New Tech’s campus.  Below you will find some useful tips on what you and your family can do at each grade level to ensure you stay on the “Road to Success”.

The 9th Grade

The 10th Grade

The 11th grade

  • Take advanced math and college prep English
  • Update your high school course planner
  • Take the EAP exam
  • Register the AP exams in the spring
  • Register for the SAT or the ACT at least one month before the exam

The 12th grade

  • Complete all final “A-G” course requirements
  • If your EAP test results indicate that you are “Ready Conditional” for college level mathematics you are required to tale a 12th grade math course is a prerequisite of algebra 11 and ear a “C” or better to maintain your exemption
  • If you are planning of transferring from a California Community College, visit transfer pathways
  • If your EAP test results indicate that you are “Not yet ready for college-level math or English courses,” practice your math and English skills