2017 2 0 April

New Progress Reports Are Here!

Denise Plowman

Attention Parents/Guardians, As we enter the last six weeks of school, we are excited to announce that we are using a new progress report.  We now have the ability to create progress reports directly from Echo.  These progress reports give a more timely snapshot of students academic progress.  As well, it focuses on how your […]

2017 1 9 April

LA STRADA dell’ Arte is April 29th!

Denise Plowman

Click on the image for more information about how to get involved with La Strada 2017!  

2017 1 8 April

New Tech Art Students Help The Cope Family Center

Denise Plowman

To help Cope Family Center recognize Blue Ribbon Month, New Technology High School art students recently formed teams and designed their own vision of what Blue Ribbon Month means to them and painted windows on the building.