2017 1 2 February

Message from Dr. Sweeney Regarding March 17th

February 12, 2017

Attention New Tech High Students and Families,

On Friday, March 18, 2016, the Napa Valley Education Exchange was hosted at New Technology High School. We, as a district, asked the staff and students of New Tech to adjust their calendar and not have students attend school that day.  We had believed that the calendar adjustment was appropriate, but after California Department of Education (CDE) review, we realized we had made a mistake and the calendar for 2015-2016 was a day short in instructional days.

To make up for this district auditing error, the district is required to ask the school to make-up the missed day.  According to CDE waiver policy, it is a 2-for-1 model.  Therefore, New Tech High will need to add a day to the 2016-2017 calendar and the 2017-2018 calendar.  Originally, Friday, March 17, 2017 was a non-student day.  The new calendar adjustment will have students attending school on March 17th for a minimum day with a 12:02 pm release.  The 2017-2018 calendar has not been released yet and the additional day will be already added to next year’s calendar when released.

We are sorry for this error and any inconvenience that it might cause.  In an innovative learning program like New Tech High, an additional day of engaging project work will only be good for both students and staff alike.  Thank you for your understanding and all you do to support your students at New Tech High and the students in Napa Valley Unified School District.


Patrick Sweeney & Riley Johnson