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New Progress Reports Are Here!

April 20, 2017

Attention Parents/Guardians,

As we enter the last six weeks of school, we are excited to announce that we are using a new progress report.  We now have the ability to create progress reports directly from Echo.  These progress reports give a more timely snapshot of students academic progress.  As well, it focuses on how your students growth in skills (oral communication, agency, written communication, etc.) impacts their academic success. On these reports you can see:

  1. Students letter grade and percentage in each class.
  2. Students overall SWLO percentages.
  3. Students SWLO percentages for each class.

Echo Example

Students were given their progress reports today and were asked to bring them home to you to be signed and returned by Tuesday, April 25th.  Remember, parents have access to follow their students progress in Echo.  If you do not know or have an Echo account, please submit a request via this link and your account info will be sent to you.  Because Echo is a 24/7 learning management system, we encourage all parents/guardians to get an account or have your student log-in to show you because academic progress is always live.  The new progress report doesn’t not have places for comments.  If your student is in danger of failing, teachers will be contacting you.  If you have a question or concern about your students grade in a specific class, please reach out to that teacher directly to discuss next steps.

Thank you for all you do and see you at La Strada on April 29th!

Principal Johnson