2016 2 8 August

Updated Technology and Dress Norms

August 28, 2016

New Tech High Families,

Of the course of 2015-2016, the New Tech High PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions Systems) team comprised of students, staff, and parents reviewed some of our policies and looked to align them with the type of culture we have here at New Tech High.  The cell phone policy and dress code policy were the two that were most closely examined.  From there work, FOUR new elements to promote a positive school culture at New Tech High have arose:

  1. Technology Use Norms
  2. Appropriate Dress Norms
  3. Intervention Support Plan
  4. Behavior Expectations Matrix

These four documents outline cultural expectations for all members of our New Tech High family.  As you will see, the new technology use and appropriate dress norms focus on affirmative attributes, rather than a list of can and cannot’s.  It is important that students understand what it means to live in a culture like New Tech High, and also understand what it means to support and protect this culture.  We try to believe that common sense should rule all and believe these new norms align to that and promote a positive and collaborative learning environment for all students.  You can find the New Tech High PBIS Handbook linked here.

Thank you,

Principal Johnson