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Donations Needed For Senior Trip

April 20, 2017

Hello Penguin Parents,

For our Senior Trip this year (June 2nd-June 4th), we would like to ask for donations of drinks and snacks.

On the nine hour drive to Anaheim, students generally want to have something to drink or snack on to keep them comfortable. The problem with Senior Trips in the past, however, that allowing students to bring their own snacks has occasionally led to inappropriate and illegal substances being brought along initially undetected.

Because our goal is to ensure that our students have a fun and safe time on their trip, we would like to bring snacks for them that we know to be safe.

If you are willing to donate, please bring your donations to the office between May 15 – May 31st. It’s important that you do not send your snacks with your student the morning of the trip because it will be too difficult to differentiate parent donations from student-brought snacks (which will not be allowed).

Senior Teachers