Student Portfolio

Sample Student Portfolios

The portfolio is the capstone for the student’s academic experience at New Tech High. As the students are developing their portfolio, it becomes the driving force for the development and measurement of the school wide learning outcomes, a set of skills critical to success in post-secondary education and the workplace. The portfolio also provides a clear means for students to express their goals, growth, skills, and interests to the world in a professional manner. Furthermore, evaluation of the portfolio by staff, peers, parents, and community members serves as a vehicle for strengthening partnerships with the school and evaluating the students progress toward their life goals.

Below you will find a list of sample student portfolios that represent a prototypical effort from our students. Each student brings their own interests and reflection to the portfolio creating a unique representation of their experience at New Tech High.


Sean Williamson (2011) Sebastian Guerra-Martinez (2011)
Andrea Alcanter (2011) Max A. X. Forsberg (2011)

Sample Portfolios

Anna Yip (2013) Amani Pritchard (2013)
Aisha Rivera (2013) Will Ciatti (2012)
Joshua Aragon (2011) William Fry (2011)
Lindsey Giaccio (2011) Luke Floyd (2011)
Nektaria Baker (2011) Tony Biagini (2011)



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